Thursday, March 29, 2007

The SECRET MAINTENANCE of the NEW KOI FISH - Koi Carp Collection

Often happened in pond hobbyist (the beginner), koi fish that just entered in the pond, died in several days.
Moreover that was sadder was other koi fish was sick and finally died all.
Why and how the solutions?

1. Koi stress in the pocket

Koi that just was bought usually was carried by being put in the pocket of oxygenated plastic. In the condition like that could be ascertained that koi fish in the situation stress.
How not, with space that was very crowded in the pocket, koi almost could not move.
The normal matter happened when koi fish it was moving that the movement, and the normal matter also it’s method was used to move koi fish.

2. Koi Stress was susceptible to the illness.

As humankind, koi fish also had body endurance. When koi fish in the healthy situation (fit), then the illness was not easy attacked. But when koi stress, then will reduce his body resistance and really was easy to be affected by the infection. Because of that that must be striven for was guarded so that koi not stress, or minimal with conditioned so that koi fish immediately aside from stress.

3. Shortened transport time koi.

Considering koi fish in the oxygenated pocket in the condition stress, then possibly, should not be too long allowed koi fish in the pocket. Like that until, immediately carried out the action to release koi fish.

4. Released koi fish from inside the pocket.

As being known by us both from oral advice and information was written other, released koi fish from the necessary pocket of several steps in part, placed koi fish still in the association of the pocket on pond water and left him alone several times (approximately 15-30 minutes). His intention to compare the temperature of water in the pocket with in the pond. After that opened the pocket, and felt the temperature of water in the pocket with the hands, has relative was the same as the temperature of water in the pond.
When being felt by his temperature same then added pond water in the pocket until being full and let koi fish went out automatically.

This method is normally carried out to avoid the change in the condition for sudden water. But his question was whether with these steps has been enough to guarantee comfort for koi fish that just entered the pond? His answer NO.

5. Each koi fish pond had the quality of water that was different.

Not there is any the pond koi fish that was precisely the same the quality of his water with the other pond let alone being different the location/the place. The quality of pond water in the location dealer, certainly be different to in your pond. When his difference was enough significant, definitely koi fish just would increasingly improved stress.
Was not possible you did test water in the pond dealer every time you will buy koi fish.
Moreover when your pond was not supplemented with the adequate filter system.
Then whether with the existence of the difference of the quality of this water, we will not buy koi fish forever? His answer of course NO. That was certain, you must understand this.

6. Koi fish just needed the process of quarantine.

There is none that could guarantee koi fish that just was bought by you, will continue to live in your pond. But had steps that could be carried out to press the death koi fish just, that is with through the process of quarantine. They can said that koi fish that just was bought by him just very healthy, without must quarantine. For me that was the case that by chance then. Meaning that not every time hobbyist could carry him out.
Possibly because of being experienced, or the condition for his pond was equipped with system the good filter, or indeed koi fish him was really healthy that came from the pond dealer that was good also. But I was convinced when being not careful in treating him, koi fish just could cause the problem.

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