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Was Difficult to Treat the KOI FISH ?

Was Difficult to Treat the KOI FISH ? - Koi Carp Collection

The maintenance KOI FISH was not difficult. Firstly, we must choose KOI FISH, from the form of his body, the quality, to his colour feature. For the pond that filled the standard, the aspect of chemistry needed the stone zeloid, the aspect of mechanics needed the special hand filter, and the aspect of biology needed bioball. The aspect channel of the supporter was installed in and around the water channel. The condition for the standard of the maintenance was used to KOI FISH could grow reasonably and in a quality manner, broadcasted the natural colour, and healthy.

Although the supporting means were provided, discipline continued to be needed that the does not find it easy to be attacked by the deadly illness, like herpes. The matter of food KOI FISH, we the ray relied on the product from Japan because of the food composition KOI FISH from Japan was difficult to be equalled. The KOI FISH indeed really attracted.

Once more, every day was time to study. The KOI FISH could become the loyal friend in the house. The KOI FISH that could know the owner who always loved him. The decorated Japan this, indeed could reduce the level of stress, gave peace, as well as cultivated discipline was arranged.


KOI SAKAI – Koi Carp Collection

Believe it or not.
Masao Kato, a Japanese businessman who was crazy about the fish koi, was willing to lend money at interest 2 billion "only" to buy a koi fish. For Japanese, koi fish not only the hobby, but has become a work of art. Moreover, he thought has been regarded matched the work of art depicted. The hobbyists want to very much had the freshwater fish that was talked about had an unique body like the wrestler sumo Japan or rikishi. From the centre of the cultivation koi fish had a quality in Sakai, Hiroshima, Japan.

The Sakai koi fish quite unique.
The measurement of his body from 15 centimetre to around 80 centimetre, in fact that could be longer than that continued to become the target. Moreover if the form of his body was proportional between long and fat, resembled the bolster in our house. The uniqueness was also shown with the colour feature in his back part. Beauty of the colour of the fish was quite delicious it was considered the eyes, especially from the upper or great view view. Not surprised if this fish was more appropriate was maintained in the pond, not the aquarium.
Because, when the fish swam there come here, fish colours so that could give the freshness of our eyes.

Historically, this fish recorded the record of the age 226 years. There were several versions of his origin. Firstly, came from the Koi book the Takeo Kuroki work that mentioned that the pretty fish these colours in fact came from Persia. Afterwards was brought to Japan by China people through the China mainland and Korea. In the Land of the Rising Sun koi fish developing fast since the last 160 years.

The second version mentioned, people China that the first time cultivated the carp fish as the young coconut would koi fish. However, after arriving at Japan, the fish breeders in Ojiya mountains, Niigata, began to try cultivated koi fish. Evidently was successful. In Japan the fish was acknowledged as Nishikogoi. Nishi meant the colours fish and Goi meant the carp fish. Because of his beauty, emerged the nickname koi the flower and the imaginary fish, now the Koi name personally in fact came from the China letter. Since 2.500 last years, to be precise to the government of King Shoko in Japan, the term koi has been known.

The koi fish has become the big industry in Japan. For Japanese, every day was time to study. From breeding so currently we know various kinds koi fish, like kohaku, taisho sanshoku, showa sanshoku, utsurimono or bekko, hikarimoyomono or hikariutsurimono, hikarimujimono, koromo or ghosiki, tancho, kinginrin, sushui or asagi, and kawarimono.

The koi fish could become the loyal friend in the house. The fish koi that could know the owner who always loved him. The fish decorated Japan this, indeed could reduce the level of stress, gave peace, as well as cultivated discipline was arranged. The owner would Koi more liked to remain silent in the house, maintained at the same time giving food. When giving food, so during the interaction between humankind and his fish. Koi that was healthy and good must know his breeder well so as happy wipe off-wipe off the head and his body.

The SECRET MAINTENANCE of the NEW KOI FISH - Koi Carp Collection

Often happened in pond hobbyist (the beginner), koi fish that just entered in the pond, died in several days.
Moreover that was sadder was other koi fish was sick and finally died all.
Why and how the solutions?

1. Koi stress in the pocket

Koi that just was bought usually was carried by being put in the pocket of oxygenated plastic. In the condition like that could be ascertained that koi fish in the situation stress.
How not, with space that was very crowded in the pocket, koi almost could not move.
The normal matter happened when koi fish it was moving that the movement, and the normal matter also it’s method was used to move koi fish.

2. Koi Stress was susceptible to the illness.

As humankind, koi fish also had body endurance. When koi fish in the healthy situation (fit), then the illness was not easy attacked. But when koi stress, then will reduce his body resistance and really was easy to be affected by the infection. Because of that that must be striven for was guarded so that koi not stress, or minimal with conditioned so that koi fish immediately aside from stress.

3. Shortened transport time koi.

Considering koi fish in the oxygenated pocket in the condition stress, then possibly, should not be too long allowed koi fish in the pocket. Like that until, immediately carried out the action to release koi fish.

4. Released koi fish from inside the pocket.

As being known by us both from oral advice and information was written other, released koi fish from the necessary pocket of several steps in part, placed koi fish still in the association of the pocket on pond water and left him alone several times (approximately 15-30 minutes). His intention to compare the temperature of water in the pocket with in the pond. After that opened the pocket, and felt the temperature of water in the pocket with the hands, has relative was the same as the temperature of water in the pond.
When being felt by his temperature same then added pond water in the pocket until being full and let koi fish went out automatically.

This method is normally carried out to avoid the change in the condition for sudden water. But his question was whether with these steps has been enough to guarantee comfort for koi fish that just entered the pond? His answer NO.

5. Each koi fish pond had the quality of water that was different.

Not there is any the pond koi fish that was precisely the same the quality of his water with the other pond let alone being different the location/the place. The quality of pond water in the location dealer, certainly be different to in your pond. When his difference was enough significant, definitely koi fish just would increasingly improved stress.
Was not possible you did test water in the pond dealer every time you will buy koi fish.
Moreover when your pond was not supplemented with the adequate filter system.
Then whether with the existence of the difference of the quality of this water, we will not buy koi fish forever? His answer of course NO. That was certain, you must understand this.

6. Koi fish just needed the process of quarantine.

There is none that could guarantee koi fish that just was bought by you, will continue to live in your pond. But had steps that could be carried out to press the death koi fish just, that is with through the process of quarantine. They can said that koi fish that just was bought by him just very healthy, without must quarantine. For me that was the case that by chance then. Meaning that not every time hobbyist could carry him out.
Possibly because of being experienced, or the condition for his pond was equipped with system the good filter, or indeed koi fish him was really healthy that came from the pond dealer that was good also. But I was convinced when being not careful in treating him, koi fish just could cause the problem.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


People say, gazed at lower fish went home in the pond was the potent method of eliminating stress.
Pretty him the colour of the koi fish decorated, was increased by the voice sound of pond water, could eliminate the fatigue after all day long worked.

Determine the Pond Function

Like the other house part, the fish-pond also needed the good maintenance.
So, when making the pond pay first attention to his function for what.
Will be filled up by the fish decorated or not.
If being filled up by the fish, the fish kind must be matched with the pond that was made.
Especially for the koi fish the depth of the minimal pond 1 meter, in order to get the koi fish quality that was good.
Moreover the growth koi fish was considered to be fast.
If only half meter, only could be filled up small koi.
That did not lose important was to maintain the supply of water.
If not the koi fish, more will keep with dirty water.
Now the koi fish absolute his filter must be clean.
Even so with the disposal of his waste.
The system of the water filter to very important to guard water stayed clean.
Don't forget every week the pond must be cleansed of moss, and a month was very much drained his water.
Indeed will be better with well water, the burden of his filter decreased.
Be careful with the river water because of many wastes.
Don't too much often drained the pond, because of the koi Fish could stress.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Eliminate Stress With KOI FISH

the KOI FISH indeed very beautiful. His colour feature that had various colours and his movement that were elegant, made the KOI FISH often was liked by the person. Previously the KOI FISH was the fish kept of the kings in China. Because of the colour feature of the KOI FISH that was beautiful, the KOI FISH was believed in could eliminate stress. Moreover also was believed caused luck for the person who maintained him. Therefore, not surprised although his price was expensive, the KOI FISH often was looked for by the person.

Currently the KOI FISH the best quality was more often developed in Japan. Therefore, several famous koi fish kinds, his name reeked of Japan, like the Kohaku, Taaisho sanhoku, Showa sanshoku, Bekko, Utsirimono, Kumonryu, Asagi, Cagoi, Ochiba etc..

The KOI FISH indeed had the expensive price. To maintain needed quite a bit of fees. Because of that not surprised when the KOI FISH more often was collected by the middle circle above. According to his history, the KOI FISH indeed not the normal fish, but the fish kept of the kings.

The KOI FISH usually was maintained in the pond, not in aquarium. Because of the KOI FISH appearance was more beautiful when was seen from above. To maintain the KOI FISH, apart from quality food, that must be paid attention to was pond water to maintain the KOI FISH. The KOI FISH only could live well in the pond that his water was clear and often contained oxygen.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Koi Fish With Good Shape

According to the measurement of the assessment of the jury in Japan, the shape of the good koi fish was the koi fish that had the high and long comparison 1:2,5 or 1:3.
The shape of the good koi fish body was round, but was not too fat.
If was seen from above, the line of the straight back did not buckle.
If having the koi fish that the line of his back buckled, this koi fish meant to have the backbone was not straight.

There were four shape sorts of the koi fish body, namely the shape shinsu, head round and did not pull, the round shape, and the long shape.
That was best was the shape of the koi fish that was balanced between long the body and high the body.

In the meantime if was seen from above, the line middle the lip must with the line of the tail be straight.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Distinguished the male koi fish and the female koi fish

Still be connected with article beforehand. Koi Sexing
Sorry requested the correction of the use of his English.

To distinguish the male koi fish from the female koi fish indeed rather was difficult.
Moreover if the measurement of the koi fish was still small, was supervised 25 centimeter.

The mother of the mature koi fish must measure smallest 40 centimeter, so as signs of his gender appeared clear.
The male koi fish usually has the form of the slenderer body and the head of appearance was bigger compared with his body.
The female koi fish had the head that was smaller than the stomach or his body.

The fins bank in the male part of the koi fish starting point more thick and stronger than female koi fish fins.
The female koi fish body appeared bigger and his stomach was inflated soft if being pressed.

The female koi fish that was ripe the egg, if his stomach was massaged slow will issue the egg.
The hole pelvic the ripe female koi fish the egg was very soft with gender was unanimous, whereas the hole pelvic the male koi fish harder, narrowed, have the shape of oval and prominent.

The male koi fish slower the development of his body.
If being held, the texture of his scale was felt rough.
The female koi fish that measured approximately 70 centimeter will produce approximately 8.000 items of the koi fish egg.

The male koi fish could every time issue sperm.
To get the quality koi fish child, the age the mother
male minimum one year and the mother of the female koi fish must more than two years, so as the child who was produced would many.

In spawning was installed one tail of the female mother with two or three male koi fish, so that the level of his success is high.

Koi Carp Collection
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