Thursday, March 29, 2007


KOI SAKAI – Koi Carp Collection

Believe it or not.
Masao Kato, a Japanese businessman who was crazy about the fish koi, was willing to lend money at interest 2 billion "only" to buy a koi fish. For Japanese, koi fish not only the hobby, but has become a work of art. Moreover, he thought has been regarded matched the work of art depicted. The hobbyists want to very much had the freshwater fish that was talked about had an unique body like the wrestler sumo Japan or rikishi. From the centre of the cultivation koi fish had a quality in Sakai, Hiroshima, Japan.

The Sakai koi fish quite unique.
The measurement of his body from 15 centimetre to around 80 centimetre, in fact that could be longer than that continued to become the target. Moreover if the form of his body was proportional between long and fat, resembled the bolster in our house. The uniqueness was also shown with the colour feature in his back part. Beauty of the colour of the fish was quite delicious it was considered the eyes, especially from the upper or great view view. Not surprised if this fish was more appropriate was maintained in the pond, not the aquarium.
Because, when the fish swam there come here, fish colours so that could give the freshness of our eyes.

Historically, this fish recorded the record of the age 226 years. There were several versions of his origin. Firstly, came from the Koi book the Takeo Kuroki work that mentioned that the pretty fish these colours in fact came from Persia. Afterwards was brought to Japan by China people through the China mainland and Korea. In the Land of the Rising Sun koi fish developing fast since the last 160 years.

The second version mentioned, people China that the first time cultivated the carp fish as the young coconut would koi fish. However, after arriving at Japan, the fish breeders in Ojiya mountains, Niigata, began to try cultivated koi fish. Evidently was successful. In Japan the fish was acknowledged as Nishikogoi. Nishi meant the colours fish and Goi meant the carp fish. Because of his beauty, emerged the nickname koi the flower and the imaginary fish, now the Koi name personally in fact came from the China letter. Since 2.500 last years, to be precise to the government of King Shoko in Japan, the term koi has been known.

The koi fish has become the big industry in Japan. For Japanese, every day was time to study. From breeding so currently we know various kinds koi fish, like kohaku, taisho sanshoku, showa sanshoku, utsurimono or bekko, hikarimoyomono or hikariutsurimono, hikarimujimono, koromo or ghosiki, tancho, kinginrin, sushui or asagi, and kawarimono.

The koi fish could become the loyal friend in the house. The fish koi that could know the owner who always loved him. The fish decorated Japan this, indeed could reduce the level of stress, gave peace, as well as cultivated discipline was arranged. The owner would Koi more liked to remain silent in the house, maintained at the same time giving food. When giving food, so during the interaction between humankind and his fish. Koi that was healthy and good must know his breeder well so as happy wipe off-wipe off the head and his body.

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