Thursday, March 29, 2007

Was Difficult to Treat the KOI FISH ?

Was Difficult to Treat the KOI FISH ? - Koi Carp Collection

The maintenance KOI FISH was not difficult. Firstly, we must choose KOI FISH, from the form of his body, the quality, to his colour feature. For the pond that filled the standard, the aspect of chemistry needed the stone zeloid, the aspect of mechanics needed the special hand filter, and the aspect of biology needed bioball. The aspect channel of the supporter was installed in and around the water channel. The condition for the standard of the maintenance was used to KOI FISH could grow reasonably and in a quality manner, broadcasted the natural colour, and healthy.

Although the supporting means were provided, discipline continued to be needed that the does not find it easy to be attacked by the deadly illness, like herpes. The matter of food KOI FISH, we the ray relied on the product from Japan because of the food composition KOI FISH from Japan was difficult to be equalled. The KOI FISH indeed really attracted.

Once more, every day was time to study. The KOI FISH could become the loyal friend in the house. The KOI FISH that could know the owner who always loved him. The decorated Japan this, indeed could reduce the level of stress, gave peace, as well as cultivated discipline was arranged.

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