Sunday, March 18, 2007


People say, gazed at lower fish went home in the pond was the potent method of eliminating stress.
Pretty him the colour of the koi fish decorated, was increased by the voice sound of pond water, could eliminate the fatigue after all day long worked.

Determine the Pond Function

Like the other house part, the fish-pond also needed the good maintenance.
So, when making the pond pay first attention to his function for what.
Will be filled up by the fish decorated or not.
If being filled up by the fish, the fish kind must be matched with the pond that was made.
Especially for the koi fish the depth of the minimal pond 1 meter, in order to get the koi fish quality that was good.
Moreover the growth koi fish was considered to be fast.
If only half meter, only could be filled up small koi.
That did not lose important was to maintain the supply of water.
If not the koi fish, more will keep with dirty water.
Now the koi fish absolute his filter must be clean.
Even so with the disposal of his waste.
The system of the water filter to very important to guard water stayed clean.
Don't forget every week the pond must be cleansed of moss, and a month was very much drained his water.
Indeed will be better with well water, the burden of his filter decreased.
Be careful with the river water because of many wastes.
Don't too much often drained the pond, because of the koi Fish could stress.


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