Saturday, March 03, 2007

Koi Fish With Good Shape

According to the measurement of the assessment of the jury in Japan, the shape of the good koi fish was the koi fish that had the high and long comparison 1:2,5 or 1:3.
The shape of the good koi fish body was round, but was not too fat.
If was seen from above, the line of the straight back did not buckle.
If having the koi fish that the line of his back buckled, this koi fish meant to have the backbone was not straight.

There were four shape sorts of the koi fish body, namely the shape shinsu, head round and did not pull, the round shape, and the long shape.
That was best was the shape of the koi fish that was balanced between long the body and high the body.

In the meantime if was seen from above, the line middle the lip must with the line of the tail be straight.

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