Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Complete Guide to Keeping and Care

The water quality is very important for the Koi fish. It's important to know how to create and maintain the best water quality. If the water quality is good enough, so the koi fish will health and growing rapidly. Off course we can get the bright or sparkling koi's color.
Beside the pond water quality, we also need to know the filtration systems work. Koi pond filtration system is very important too. With the good koi filtration system, the water circulation and filtration will good work, and the water quality is guarded.
To know how to create and maintain the best water quality, how different filtration systems work, the biology of koi and how to keep them in good health, and detailed information on feeding, buying, and showing. It's available a book with title "The Essential Book of Koi: A Complete Guide to Keeping and Care". It's very interesting book regarding with a complete guide to keeping and care of koi fish.

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