Monday, April 02, 2007

Chose Good Koi Fish for Beginner - Koi Carp Collection

To consider Koi Fish quality, a great number that must be considered. Moreover, considered Koi Fish also was seen by his need, his intention for the contest or to be maintained personally in the house. The assessment criterion for the contest, more complicated and details, whereas for the pond personally that was important we liked to see him.
Need time and the experience that were enough to consider Koi Fish in accordance with the standard of the true assessment. Matters that must be considered in chose Koi Fish in part body, pattern and his colour.

But how considered body, pattern and the colour, also had the foundations of his assessment. If being untangled one by one will be very wide, possibly precisely will be increasingly confused.

That are a large number of Koi Fish, please was looked for by you in this blog archive . The kinds in part:

Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, Showa Sanshoku, Utsuri Mono, Bekko, Asagi, Shusui, Koromo, Goshiki, Hikari Muji, Hikari Moyo, Hikari Utsuri, Tancho, Kin Ginrin, Doitsu and Kawari Mono.

The criteria in choosing good Kohaku :

good Kohaku was kohaku had the white colour was as white as snow. The better Red sign was what was dark but clear. The good red sign was what was spread all over the body. The red sign that was big better than that was small.

Kohaku that was not met/was affected by the red Sign in the head (bald head/the bald head) more invaluable. The red sign in the head must possibly did not exceed the eyes, the jaw and the cheek but might reach the nose or the eyes (the origin did not exceed).

Kohaku that had the red Sign that reached the mouth was acknowledged as "Hanatsuki".
Kohaku that had the spread red Sign/filled the head/the face was acknowledged as "Menkaburi".
Kohaku that had the red Sign that was gotten on the lip/the mouth was acknowledged as "Kuchibeni".
In the case where the form of the red Sign in the head was not good but also exceeded the eyes, the "Kuchibeni" sign was needed.
The red sign was needed was near the tail starting point, and was acknowledged as "Ojime".
Ojime most not be at a distance 1-2 cm from the tail starting point.
The rear feature, close to the tail, if could easy looking (don't be too big).
Had Kiwa that was firm and clear, not blur or had gradations.
(Kiwa was the meeting between 2 colours that were different)
The composition between the red and white colour 70: 30
Kohaku that for the contest, don't have the red sign on his cheek.

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