Sunday, December 17, 2006

How guarded pond so that koi continued to live healthy

These are some tips how to guarded pond so koi live healty

1. The quality of water
The filtering and the good circulation will help increased the quality of water.According to Takeo Kuroki, the expert koi from Japan, the determining factor of the colour koi was the quality koi (70%), water (20%), and the other factor (10%).That was the reason, important for us to guard the quality of water.This screening could be carried out in a chemical manner and in a manner biology.The level pH water better revolve between 7,2-7,4 and the content of the iron, chlorine and sulphur is low.If too much the alkali (the water pH too high), could be unloaded by increasing the liquid aquavital.Don't forget to pay attention to the hardness of water when the condition for water was felt not better.

2. The amount of food
Must be paid attention to in giving food, don't give food too few but also should not give too many.When too few clear koi you will appear thin, but if gave too excessive precisely was in vain food that was not eaten will pollute water, settled afterwards the process of the disintegration will happen.This really damaging.

3. The disposal of the waste
Manner the Disposal of the waste not meant to drain the pond totally, but threw waste sediment that was done according to the requirement through the sewerage system to the ditch away.If koi that in the amount pond a little then his waste was automatic in the pond a little, possibly the disposal might not be carried out every day.

4. The sun rays
That was good if your koi pond got the sun rays although was not too long.When too long then will speed up algae until the pond appeared green and turbid.If making the pond indoor, try to get to give information light above.

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