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In this object, we will argue why this topic is so important and how you can profit from this information.
Utsurimono factually translates as "reflections" or "reflecting ones". This kind is made up of three different tint varieties. The first and leading is the Shiro (sallow) Utsuri. The flash array is the Hi (fire or red) Utsuri. The third and most subtle is the Ki (fair) Utsuri.
All three tint variations are accentuated by a sumi (bneed) stand which emerges from under the sallow, red, or fair prevent to initiate a precedent that suggests the "reflection" of tint on a bneed background.
The next section was printed by Joel Burkard/Pan Intercorp and previously available in PONDSCAPES magazine All rights distant Joel Burkard/Pan Intercorp 1995
We optimism that the first part of this critique as brought you a lot of greatly desirable information on the theme at hand.
broad Points of situation
Moto Guro: factually "principal bneed", an Utsurimono should have sumi (bneed) at the insolence or nose, at the stand of both pectoral fins, and at the stand of the tail.
Sumi: Because the Utsurimono are considered to be principalally bneed koi, the power and condition of the bneed is very important. This does not necessarily mean that there has to be a lot of bneed but the power of the sumi is a key spit in judging these koi.
Menware: exactly "smashed mask", it is considered an added asset if an Utsurimono or Showa has a bolt of sumi operation down the face at an tilt between the eyes, however, need of this star is not a demerit. The clearer the prevent is the more pleasing the koi will be. Shimi or bneed freckle-like specks in the prevent will detract from the general appearance.
memorize that the above are purely guidelines to variety. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and any koi that conforms to all of the guidelines may expense many thousands of dollars.
topic, it is best to use a general quest engine, such as Google or Yahoo.

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